This is the place where we are have documented the road we have walked in order to adopt our four children from Brazil and the road we are now on as a family. We are keenly aware that adopting is not just a process we've chosen to go through, but part of God's plan for us and for our children. May He be glorified through the process and through our family!

Monday, November 16, 2009

16 November 2009

It was a long day today. Too cold to swim this morning as planned, so we watched movies inside. We had 10 fun minutes of a family soccer game before it got too competitive and had to end. Bedtime was hard as we wouldn't let Lucas sleep on the floor next to us for a second night. All is peaceful now, but we're so tired. Something is bothering James' stomach, so we're going to try to sleep it off. Here are some soccer pictures.

Hugs to all our loved-ones!

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Pat & Heather said...

Hugs back to you! Feel better James!