This is the place where we are have documented the road we have walked in order to adopt our four children from Brazil and the road we are now on as a family. We are keenly aware that adopting is not just a process we've chosen to go through, but part of God's plan for us and for our children. May He be glorified through the process and through our family!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well, all our paperwork has been sent off to be Apostille Certified in Hartford and we are waiting for USCIS to approve our application to bring our 2 Brazilian children home to the US.  These are not the last steps in the process by far, but it means that we've mostly done our part and it is basically up to other people now to get our kiddos home to us.   You'd think by reading my last post that I would be experiencing a bit of anxiety about letting it all go like that, but truly I feel freed to begin thinking more about our children.  I've been mostly praying about process for the past several weeks or months, and now I just can't get my mind off the children.  Finding out their names, seeing their little faces, knowing where they've been living and what they are like.  The anticipation of the long flight to Brazil.  Meeting them and hugging them for the first time.  Snuggling up with books together.   Exploring Brazil together.  Cooking, eating, laughing, praying, playing and resting together.  Feeling our way through the newness during our 6-week stay in Brazil.  And coming home.  Home as a family.

So many people are praying for our children.  Our parents (the grandparents!), our church, our friends, our small group.  So many people all across the country praying for our children.  
  • We are praying that God will be sustaining them and preparing them to be a part of our family. 
  • We are praying that they will hear about the Lord from their infancy so that their hearts will be ripe to know and love Him.  (Also praying for their caretakers' role in this.)
  • We are praying that they learn to love and trust each other and their caretakers and that they will be able to transfer that trust to their new parents.  
  • Finally, we are praying that they stay healthy and well-fed.  
  • OK, we're also praying that God will work miraculously to bring them home SOON.  (In the year 2008.)
If you've joined us in prayer for our children, why don't you leave a little message for our kids (now that I have the comment section open on the blog) letting them know you've been praying for them too.  Feel free to send your prayin' friends here to leave a comment too.  

I have been blessed in my life to be aware of the many saints lifting up prayers on my behalf and I am convinced that the sum of those prayers is the reason I can say I know and trust Christ.  Those are powerful words and I want our children (when they read this someday) to be assured that they were held in love and prayer from long before we knew their names.  So, leave them a comment to let them know you're praying for them.

This fall, we are planning to send out a call for prayers for the children with a special project based on a Chinese tradition of creating a "Quilt of 100 Good Wishes."  I think we will create a "Quilt of 100 Prayers" and ask for participation from our friends and family.  Keep an eye out for an announcement about that project.


Anonymous said...

Dear Fullton Kids,
It's August of 2008, and I am praying for you guys - that you are safe and well, that you are trusting God through uncertainties, and that you will be united with your parents soon. Your Mom and Dad want so much to be together with you, and I know they can barely wait to have you close. Please know that long before we knew your names or could recognize your faces, we loved you and prayed for you.

Julia said...

Lord, we pray for the Fulltons' two children. We pray for their health and safety, that you would put a hedge of protection around them as they navigate life without the immediate physical protection of their parents. We pray that you would prepare their hearts and minds to join James & Kim and that you would supernaturally orchestrate circumstances to bring them home to Connecticut soon.

Michelle said...

Well kidos.. I have been praying for you as you wait for Mum & Dad, praying that your wait is short, and praying that you are aware that someday really soon your fantastic parents will be united with you in Brazil. I moved to the US like you both will, and I gotta say, your new home is very impressive. I'm praying that as you settle into your new house, new life and your new reality that God's grace will enter your hearts and give you confidence, and assurance that CT is where you belong, that you realize even more clearly just how much your ma & pa love you and that your Heavenly Father paints a beautiful picture through adoption of your place in His house. I'm looking forward laughing with you all and remembering this time "in the waiting" as a time when God moved and showed you all His very great goodness!!!

Uncle David said...

Dear Future Nephews/Nieces,

You've got an amazing Mom and Dad (and dachshund) coming your way. You can be sure that your whole new family in America is thinking and praying about you and cannot wait to finally meet you! But for now, I'm praying that you will both be safe and sound in Brazil before your new parents come to begin a wonderful new chapter in your lives.

Te amo,
Uncle David

Christine Hunt said...

Hey kids! Welcome to your new family! We are more excited to meet you than words can explain. You have been long awaited and loved by so many people, including us. We have three children who are adopted also and we know just how wonderful adoption is. As parents of adopted children, we can attest to how much your Mom and Dad loved you before they even met you. We love you too and are praying that you will come home soon. There are so many things that we pray for you, we can't even describe them. Most importantly we pray that God will use your new Mom and Dad to show you the love of Christ and how much HE loves you. Just like your parents chose to adopt you, Jesus wants to adopt you as HIS children and love you and protect you and wrap His arms around you. I know that your Mom and Dad will do their best to show you that love by wrapping their arms around you as often as they can! We love you dearly! Welcome Home!
Bryan and Christine Hunt

The Beholder said...

Dear kids,
I've been thinking about you a lot lately, and my heart leaps with anticipation when I think about the moment I will finally meet you! God has been so gracious to your Mom and me as we have waited for you, and I pray that he continues to protect and sustain you both in Brazil until, in the fullness of time, he chooses to unite us as a family. I love you. I miss you. (It's funny how I can feel that before I even know you!) I can't wait to hold you for the first time!

Sallie Reed said...

Olá, kids!

Welcome to your new home! Do you know that long before you got here, God was making a home for your and preparing two terrific parents for you? Many others have been praying for you as well! I pray that you would know and experience the love of your parents and of God in a new and fresh way daily. I pray that you would feel safe and secure in your new environment, with not only your family but new friends to surround you.

Deus te abençoe!
Boa viagem!
Sallie Reed

Anonymous said...

Dear Fullton Kids,
I've known your mom for quite a long time, most likely longer than you've been alive. She is a person who is incredibly patient, caring, thoughtful and forgiving. She will be a tremendous mother, mentor, friend, and role model. I haven't had the privilege of meeting your dad, but I can only assume he equally as great as your mom if she chose to spend her life with him and begin a family together.

I hope that you get to meet your parents soon. I know they are looking forward to it and can't wait for that special day to arrive!

lunasoror said...

Dear Children,

I am praying for you even before I know you. You are already imprinted on our hearts. We can't wait to meet you and are secure in the knowledge that God is holding you in His hands until you are in your parents arms.

Auntie Laura

Neil said...

Dear Fullton Kids,
We have been praying for you and the Fullton family for years together in our Bible study. I don't know whether my wife and I will still be in New Haven to welcome you when you arrive, but I wanted you to know how long your parents have been waiting for you and how much they care about you.
-Neil Shenvi

Rachel said...

Dear Fullton kids,

Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you. We know your parents and grandparents well and can't wait for you to be united with them so that we can meet you!


Todd, Rachel, Christopher & Savannah McClincey

lily said...

Amado Dios escuha nestras oraciones para que Los Fulton muy pronto puedan reunirse con sus adorables ni~os y que sus vidas sean bendecidas hoy y siempre,
con cari~o,

Junko said...

Dear Fullton children,

I just want to pray for you and your parents. You'll be soon going through a big transition-- meeting your new parents, moving to a new country, new language, new friends, new food... it must be a lot to take in. It is exciting, but it must also be overwhelming. I pray that the transition will be smooth, less stressful, and that you can open up your hearts to your loving parents. They love you so much and accept you as you are. I haven't been able to learn the whole process, but it sounds like A LOT OF work and LONG waiting to bring you home. I pray that their love will be well communicated to you and that you would love them, too.
And... I pray that you will come to know the Lord. It's His love that's been moving your parents and bringing you home. I pray that He will touch each of your hearts as you come to live with them. And I pray that that day will be very soon. You'll be hugged and kissed so much, I imagine :) So, be prepared!

And... please know that God is always with you---even now! you're part of the beautiful picture of His family. I pray God's gentle blessings on you today and every day to come.

In Christ,
Junko Suzuki-Wells

LunaSoror said...

Dear Lord,

Thank you for giving me four new cousins!

Love Kayleigh

LunaSoror said...

Dear Maynara, Lucas, Luana & Brayan,

I said Thank You to God that I have four new cousins.