This is the place where we are have documented the road we have walked in order to adopt our four children from Brazil and the road we are now on as a family. We are keenly aware that adopting is not just a process we've chosen to go through, but part of God's plan for us and for our children. May He be glorified through the process and through our family!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It takes a village to raise a child

It's been a flurry of activity here since last night when we got an email from Luciana with news about what's going on with our paperwork in Brazil. Seems the judge is digging into our paperwork and has a bunch of questions she asked CEJA's psychologist to investigate. So, we've spent the last 30 hours or so gathering letters from family and friends at the psychologist's request and answering about a dozen questions with careful detail. We even wrote up a petition for all our friends to sign since the community that has supported us during the three years of this adoption process will be the village that helps to raise our children.

We know that lots of our supportive friends and family members do not live near enough to attend Trinity Baptist Church, so we want to give everyone a chance to be a part of this process. If you consider yourself part of our "village" please leave a comment on this blog post ( These comments may not make it all the way to the judge, but they are part of the testimony of this journey that we are gathering for our children. We truly feel that we couldn't even consider adopting four children if it weren't for all the support we feel from our family and friends.

It really seems like the judge is getting ready to make a decision and that we could hear her final choice in a week's time or so.

Ready... set... COMMENT!


Neil Shenvi said...

My wife and I have known Kim and James for over three years, and can honsetly say that there is so other couple whom I would trust more as parents of adopted children. They have persevered through a long, sometimes discouraging, adoption process and have never wavered in their desire or joy in welcoming children into their family. My wife and I have already made it clear to the Fulltons that it would be our pleasure to help them in any way we know how. Their friendship has meant so much to us over the years that we would be happy to assist them however we can, whether through babysitting, helping with housework, or just running errands for them. We will gladly be part of the community that welcomes their children and rejoices in God's provision with them.
Dr. Neil Shenvi
Dr. Christina Shenvi

kaitlin said...

I come onto this site to check in on you atleast once a day. You have me on the edge of my seat! I am praying each and every day and hope that they are soon answered. you amaze me more and more each time I read this. you and james are the strongest poeple i can ever imaging going through all of this and always keeping such an outstanding attitude!

I hope in a little less than 2 months when we start school I will have the pleasure of having one of your little guys in my classroom!
xoxoxo Lots of love and prayers


Indutime said...

Kim and James,
Here I am a voice from afar. I just want to be able to let someone know that I think the two of you will be wonderful parents. Parents of 1, 2, 4 or 12, it wouldn't matter. I know the community you live in and they will support you as parents. Both of you are mature, level headed, loving individuals. Your drive and ambition are commendable. Your ability to perservere through all of the ups and downs that you have endured is amazing.
Watching both of you as you go through this journey has been an inspiration. You truely know that you need to lean on the Lord for your strength and guidance in all things. What an awesome testimony! Miss you both and send my love ane prayers to you as you await your news.


LunaSoror said...

Dear Kim & James,
When you first told me of your desire to adopt children as I was so moved. As an adoted child myself, I know how important it is for children to be "chosen," just as we are all chosen by God.

I can't think of two more accomplished people to take on this task. Not just because of your faith, but because of your upbringing, your patience, your humor, your perseverance, your dedication and your love - for each other and for your family in the making.

I am confident you are the parents for these children and God will move the heart of the Judge to see that your Village is the home for them.

Tia Laura

Amber said...

Kim & James,
You are some of the most caring, generous, loyal, loving, serving, godly people I know. From that day we sat at the Mexican restaurant and told each other our news (that we're pregnant and that you're adopting), I've been amazed by your love for your children all these years before you even know them, your endurance throughout the years it has taken to get to this point in the process, your devotion to the Lord and to the calling He has placed upon your lives, your faith. I know it is our Lord's power that works in and through you to accomplish His great purposes. These children will be so blessed to have such exemplary models as parents, prepared for them exactly how they need it by a Sovereign God who knows these children better than they know themselves; I am praying that the judge will hear our testimonies and know it for herself that there is no better home these children could possibly be placed in.

GloryandGrace said...

Kim & James,
We have never met in person, but I feel I know you in a unique and personal way because of how the Lord has crossed our paths via your blog. As someone who is looking with my husband at the very high probability of adoption in the future, I look at your journey as one of encouragement, hope, and such evidence of your utter dependence on the Lord. I am encouraged by your diligence, your commitment to the Lord as you submit this process to His sovereign will, and for the way in which you have prayed for the ultimate good of these precious children. If the Lord wills it so, these children will be entering into a home already seasoned with so much love, prayer, and support, and they will be surrounded by others who have prayed for them during this entire process.
Grace and peace to you,

Pat & Heather said...

Dear James and Kim,
Even though we live hours away from you we consider you both family and your kids would be considered our "nieces and nephews" (and cousins to Gabe). We have already been praying for your family and for the children God has planned for you and will continue to pray. And once your children are in your arms, you know you can always call to talk out parenting issues. There's not a doubt in our minds that you're ready for the challenge of acclimating children into your home and we look forward to someday meeting the little ones.
With love,
Patrick, Heather and Gabe Shaw

Trixie said...

I want to speak to the qualifications of what we hope will become the extended family of these children, namely the parents and brother of James Fullton, who are long-time friends of mine.

How I wish I could meet you eye to eye--you who will make this important decision--to tell you how uniquely gifted this family is for providing a loving home. I wish I could give you details that are too many to share here.

I know James, Sr., Sarah, and William will be active-- tirelessly active--in helping James and Kim make a truly wonderful life for these children. Such a combination of intelligence and education, yet love of what is often called “the simpler things in life”—you’ll not find anywhere.

I suspect you have already heard so much about how this entire family values learning and faith, how they immerse themselves in all aspects of culture--their culture and other cultures. I believe with the whole of my heart that the deepest possible commitment and the strongest dedication undergirds this entire family’s desire to share their best with these children, to make a loving, safe, and secure home for them.

This commitment and dedication is matched by the sheer joy they will have in teaching them to savor both the challenges and the simple delights of life. They will bring such joyful imagination to the building of this family. You can't imagine any group of people more suited to providing a rich, happy existence for children from another country, how well both sets of parents will support James and Kim as they meet any parenting challenges that await.

Of course I am hopeful that you will decide in their favor, but even more, I am truly excited for these four children and the happy, abundant life I know they will have as members of this special family.

Junko said...

Dear Kim,

I have only met you once and briefly, so I cannot say much... but I've been blessed to be your facebook friend and follow your updates & learn about your passion for adoption. I don't know the whole process you've been going through and your struggles along the path, but I can see how much you love the children and commit your lives to God.
I've been praying for you (your process) and wishing if I could do something for you, so I'm glad for this opportunity. I may not be a practical support as we don't live so close, but I will continue to support you in prayer.

God bless you and keep you close in His loving arms!

Sincerely in Christ,
Junko Suzuki-Wells

Jennifer Hinkel said...

Kim & James,

Any child on this earth would be honored, blessed, and lucky to have you two as parents. From when I first met you both many years ago, I have always seen you as individuals of great faith and fortitude, along with being some of the most exuberantly fun and loving people I know! I can remember many instances at Pocono Plateau and later where Kim's "parenting skills" and good advice have become more than apparent, and I've always been impressed at your devotion to each other, even across the long distance when James was in Atlanta. I admire you both so much, and there is no doubt in my mind that you would be able to "handle" the challenge of four children joining your family at once, especially with the wide support of your friends and family. I just really can't imagine a pair of people who would make better parents for these kids!

Lots of love to you both!

Jen H

Christoph said...

Hi Kim,

Pam sent me the link to your blog and the wonderful news of your meeting your children. How exciting! There will be tough times ahead, but far out-weighed by joyful, life-altering, love-filled years. The blessings of adoption are a two-way street. Enjoy!

May God continue to bless you, James, and your precious, beautiful filhos. With Him leading your family, you can't go wrong.

Julie Weigel

Robin Barna said...

Dear Kim and James,

The pictures are wonderful, and did bring lots of happy tears to my eyes. Welcome to the joys(!?!) of parenthood! What is "clean" anyway? Hey, it could have been mud pies, right? The joy and happiness which is so evident on everyone's face is worth more than words can say. As a parent of 23 and 27 year old sons, I can easily tell you that adjustments and compromises are a constantly on-going challenge, but well worth it as you so obviously know.