This is the place where we are have documented the road we have walked in order to adopt our four children from Brazil and the road we are now on as a family. We are keenly aware that adopting is not just a process we've chosen to go through, but part of God's plan for us and for our children. May He be glorified through the process and through our family!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Getting Ready

We have completed our psychological and physical examinations and soon Doreen, our social worker, will come to our home to do her home visit--the last component of the homestudy process. That means we are finishing up some overdue home projects and starting to get "baby's room" looking like a room. (Later on, we'll focus on making it look like a baby's room... and even later on, we can work to make it our baby's room.) For right now, it just needs to look like a room. Somehow, since it was an unused room, it gathered all the tools and extra stuff that got used or moved around while we worked on remodeling the bathroom in February.

We have told almost everyone we know about our plans to adopt our first child from El Salvador and have received overwhelming support and prayers from our friends and family as we move through the paperwork process. We are approaching the start of our "year of study" while we wait for our child to be referred to us. We will be studying about
  • parenting
  • being a Godly family
  • strategies for raising a bilingual famliy
  • attachment and bonding
  • El Salvador and Latin America
  • Salvadoran traditions and cooking
  • Latin American cultural resources in Connecticut
  • ...and loads more!